About us

I have been in the coin operated industry my entire adult life (over 35 years).  I started at the bottom as a tech and worked my way up to owning my own game store a few years later.  My team and I are very experienced at every facet of running a business such as this, and referral business is very critical to our success.

In short, I understand customer service and if we want to continue and thrive in what we do, I feel both having the right product, along with excellent customer service, are paramount of my continuing in an industry I truly care about. 

As far as I know, we're the only coin op distributor that has an active 30 day return policy on refurbished equipment for home use.  If we weren't as good at our job as I know you would expect us to be, this is not a policy we could afford to maintain.

Aside from myself, my staff consists of a professional pool table installer with may years experience, two individuals who rebuild our pinballs, a technician that goes through our games and does "old fashioned" house calls in case your game gets sick (in or out of warranty). 

ALL my employees are enpowered to make decisions that ensure your satisfaction.  We all work for you, and I can assure you we "get that"!